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Advanced semantics and pragmatics (Sémantique et pragmatique, avancé)

Enseignant 2020-2021

Lucia M. Tovena

start: 27th Jan 2021

Main goals

Wh-questions in less canonical forms

The aim of the seminar is to make students familiar with contemporary research on topics of semantics and pragmatics, and the interfaces with other fields. The specific content varies each year. This year we look at issues about wh-questions in less canonical forms.
 Here are some of the central questions addressed:

  • Properties of canonical questions
  • Noncanonical forms and proposals for characterising them
  • Peculiarities of reason questions. How are they reflected in the functional and/or grammatical means that are used
  • Participants in the discourse, and their commitments

Contact Lucia M. Tovena for details.

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