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Advanced morphology (Morphologie avancée)

Instructors 2020-2021

Olivier Bonami & Matías Guzman Naranjo

Main goals

This class is dedicated to quantitative approaches to morphology. The goal of the class is make students familiar with the state of the art in interdisciplinary research on morphology. We will look at relevant work in theoretical linguistics, typology, corpus linguistics, psycholinguistics, and computational linguistics. After a general introduction motivating the relevance of a quantitative approach to morphological issues, we will examine:

  • Properties of the distribution of words in corpora
  • Morphological irregularity and its psycholinguistic manifesttions
  • How morphological systems are organized in terms of predictability
  • Properties of words families, and how there relate to inflectional paradigms.
Practical matters
  • Lectures will be given (mostly) in English, although questions and discussion in French are welcome.
  • Classes will take place online using variable modalities.
  • The first class will be a live zoom session.
  • All details on the class Moodle page
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