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Prosodic analysis (Analyse prosodique)

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Instructors 2020-2021

Hiyon Yoo, bureau 522 Olympe de Gouges

Lisa Brunetti


Beyond sounds, the suprasegmental part of speech (prosody and intonation) interacts with other domains of the linguistic structure. The goal of this course is to introduce students to the domain of prosody by analyzing the phonetic forms of the prosodic contours, as well as their associations and their functions, particularly in interaction with syntax, discourse, emotions, and attitudes. Particular attention will be given to the prosody/syntax and the prosody/discourse interfaces. Knowledge students will acquire with this course

Students will learn how to explain the concept of prosody, its forms and its functions. They will be able to quantitatively characterize prosody, and to make a typological description (accents, tones, stress). They will learn how to explain the prosodic characteristics of utterances with a particular accentual or phrase pattern, or to establish links with syntax, discourse, emotions and attitudes. They will also learn how to read and summarize recent articles on prosody (in French and in English) and to address research questions.

Competence students will acquire with this course
  • Prosodic (typological) description of a language
  • Conduct an acoustic analysis in order to describe prosody and to solve tasks related to prosodic phonology questions: identify accents, contours, relations between a contour and a
  • syntactic structure or a discourse phenomenon
  • Make prosodic morphing

A certain number of exercises will be assigned and evaluated where students will have to make their own recordings or get recordings from a database, annotate them, analyze them, use scripts, etc. Various articles will be distributed for reading during the whole semester.

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