Laboratory HTL

The laboratory is directed by Anne Grondeux et Jean-Marie Fournier. The lab is the site of development and dissemination of thought about language and languages, across a number of cultural zones. It brings together linguists, historians and philosophers. The largest group within the lab are linguists, specializing in diverse languages: German, English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Icelandic, Khaling rai, Koyirai, Slavic languages, Latin, Malayalam, Persian, Brazilian Portuguese, Sanskrit, Tagalog, Tamil, Thulung rai.

See the lab website (link to the English version).

Resources on the history of linguistics

You can find conference announcements and book publications in the field of the history of linguistic on our new website “Les carnets d’HTL” https://carnetshtl.hypotheses.org/ hosted on the platform hypotheses.org.

Website of the journal “Histoire Epistemologie Langage (HEL)”

The journal website offers a description of the journal and information about issue availability. Articles from older issues are now available on the open access platform Persée : http://www.persee.fr/collection/hel

The journal also publishes “Les Dossiers d’HEL” (http://htl.linguist.univ-paris-diderot.fr/hel/dossiers/accueil) as a free supplement to the HEL journal. The last issue was published in April 2017.

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