Summer schools


Since 2014, the HTL lab has organized, with the support of its partners, a biennial meeting on the history of linguistic theories. This event takes place as a summer school over five days in France. The school brings together historians, practitioners of the language sciences, philosophers, psycholinguists and psychologists in order to participate in mutual training and to engage in discussion about links between theoretical mind representations and languages and language representations.

The summer school format alternates classes, workshops and overview sessions, with time and space being specifically reserved for talk and exchange. Its residential nature creates an enriching proximity between the “speakers” who are also the “audience”, and reciprocally presents the advantage of tightly associating researchers, academics, PhD students and young PhD holders. The summer school is a research training .


  • 2015 : Représentations du langage et représentations de l'esprit : histoire et épistémologie, Hyères (Var) 30 august to 5 september 2015. See the page
  • 2012 : Expérience, Empiricité, Expérimentation en linguistique : histoire et épistémologie, Agay Roches Rouges (Var), 3-7 september 2012. See the page
  • 2009 : Qu'est-ce que l'historicité des idées linguistiques ? Ile de Porquerolles, du 31 august to 5 september 2009. See the page
  • 2006 : Histoire des représentations de l'origine du langage et des langues, Iles de Porquerolles (Var) du 28 august to 1st september 2006. See the page
  • 2004 : Constitution, transmission, circulation des savoirs relatifs au langage, ENS Lyon du 30 august to 3 september 2004. See the page
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