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 =====Ouvrages publiés / Published books===== =====Ouvrages publiés / Published books=====
 +==== 2020 - Missionary Linguistic Studies from Mesoamerica to Patagonia ====
 +{{:​laboratoire:​9789004427006.jpg?​100 |}}**Astrid Alexander Bakkerus, Rebeca Fernández Rodríguez, Liesbeth Zack and Otto Zwartjes (ed.)** //​Missionary Linguistic Studies from Mesoamerica to Patagonia//​. Boston : Brill, 2020. Brill'​s Studies in Language, Cognition and Culture, 22. ISBN : 978-90-04-42460-9
 +Missionary Linguistic Studies from Mesoamerica to Patagonia presents the results of in-depth studies of grammars, vocabularies and religious texts, dating from the sixteenth – nineteenth century. The researches involve twenty (extinct) indigenous Mesoamerican and South American languages: Matlatzinca,​ Mixtec, Nahuatl, Purépecha, Zapotec (Mexico); K’iche, Kaqchikel (Guatemala);​ Amage, Aymara, Cholón, Huarpe, Kunza, Mochica, Mapudungun, Proto-Tacanan,​ Pukina, Quechua, Uru-Chipaya (Peru); Tehuelche (Patagonia);​ (Tupi-)Guarani (Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay).
 +The results of the studies include: a) a digital model of a good, conveniently arranged vocabulary, applicable to all indigenous Amerindian languages; b) disclosure of intertextual relationships,​ language contacts, circulation of knowledge; c) insights in grammatical structures; d) phone analyses; e) transcriptions,​ so that the texts remain accessible for further research. f) the architecture of grammars; g) conceptual evolutions and innovations in grammaticography.
 ==== 2020 - History of linguistics 2017 ==== ==== 2020 - History of linguistics 2017 ====
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